Soft Gel Manufacturers in India


Amster Labs is one of India's largest producers of GMP-certified soft gel capsules. In addition, we represent the nation with its core strengths to manufacture softgel capsules for the layman for safe medicinal items. Amster Labs is well-known as the SoftGel Manufacturers In India.

Amster Labs retains customer's confidence because it holds all required certifications and quality certification, and specifications. The company's whole unit follows all the requirements that are needed to deliver a good quality product. we are the leading integrated Indian growers, suppliers and exporters of softgel capsules . We deliver a quality method to reduce the costs associated with their output.

We are famous for developing new quality benchmarks on the industry. That is why we are the largest pharmaceutical firm in the industry. Call us now to hear more about our business and our services.

Amster Labs is a major Pharmaceutical Softgel Manufacturing Firm in India and supply a range of capsules & tablets, liquid injections, dry powder injections, oral liquids, ointments & cream, dry serum, ophthalmics. Amster Labs have satisfied many big brand companies with our high-quality Pharma products like tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments, injections, supplements

We are a major pharmacy business involved in the produce and supply of the finest quality Softgel Capsules and several other items.The medications sold are used in numerous hospitals , community facilities and medical centres for the care of various forms of acute and chronic diseases

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