3rd Party Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals in India


Amster labs is an increasingly growing business devoted to the production, distribution, and export of pharmaceutical formulations. Our goal is to manufacture and sell high-quality pharmaceutical formulations that are affordable to the Indian masses and have global quality. Amster labs has broadened its reach to virtually every corner of India by continually adding new distributors and agents for its Injectable Manufacturing in India Pharmaceuticals across the nation. Yet it is a constant Endeavor of Amster Labs to expand through the appointment of new distributors to the unrepresented areas. Green Cross extended its business to unrepresented areas by naming on a monopoly basis new distributors/sole distributors. We continue to boost the momentum of our business, and through partnerships and alliances, we are also accelerating our drug discovery programme. We are determined to focus on new opportunities based on our strong foundations of creativity and entrepreneurship, in order to achieve success in Injectable Manufacturing in India. As we aggressively execute our growth strategy by organic and inorganic means, we remain committed to strengthening our values. Today, we are among the Injectable Manufacturing in India for contracts; we are well positioned to realise our ambitions to be among the top manufacturing firms for contracts and to reach a size of 1500 crores.As we move into the next stage by 2015, we are guided by our optimism, ready to invest in the development of our people and business, marching towards the new horizon of world leadership in pharmaceuticals.